Who i am

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Me being myself

My name is Fábio Arsénio, i am natural fom Pinhal Novo – Portugal and born in 1984

All my life i have worked and stayed in my homeland, i have a past and present in sports, mostly Cycling, having raced in pretty much all of it’s variables. Recently i have gained some interest in running and i have been practicing a bit of it too.

This trip i am currently doing  matches to the realization of an old dream of mine, the dream to travel without destiny and to know a bit more about this world we live in. I have chosen the camper van as the way to do it because (for me at least) is the one that allows the most autonomia and freedom of selecting the places to visit, i can sleep basically anywhere. and i have with me most of the things i would have in any other home. It also has the advantage of being able to make long distances with a really tight budget like in my case, i don’t have to pay mortage or rent, and i have a kitchen where i can prepare my meals.

The main goals from this trip are, apart from the natural acquisition of  knowledge and culture, take advantage of my free time to develop new ideias and projects for the future, and also take the time and the opportunity to improve my physical shape and enjoy my outdoor sports activities

And now you know a bit more about me and the way i live my life.

To keep a closer look on my adventures folow me on Instagram , Facebook and Youtube

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