Vanlife Video – Why an old Van?

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When i decided to go on this adventure of knowing Europe a bit better i had two possibilities, backpacking or in a camper-van, the first option was the easier and more immediate one, but i don’t like the idea of walking around carrying all my stuff on my back and also the limitation of probably only being able to or stay in bigger cities with hostels and users of couch surfing programs, not to talk about the dependence of public transportation or hitchhiking to get to my destinations. I ended choosing the camper-van as an option, in this case a custom made one accordingly to my needs (here you can see the presentation of the finished project).

About having chosen a standard van instead of a traditional camper, my option was conditioned by costs, and the easiness to drive and park a standard van, this way I can park anywhere taking up the same space as any normal car, and for this simply park my van in an easy and more discreet way in any residential neighborhood in most cities and usually for free.

As an ending, some people have questioned my option for an older van (1988) instead of a more comfortable and economic recent model. The first point in favor was the cost, this van already registered as camper even needing a lot of restoration costed a fraction of a recent model. Second point, for being so old it is a van with a pretty simple engine and I think that it is also more reliable, allowing me for that reason without having any special mechanical skills to solve myself some of the problems that can happen on the trip without having to go to a mechanical workshop, and even if I have to do it, easily any small workshop could usually solve my problem.

I did a small video about this topic, hope you appreciate it.

VIDEO (W/Subtitles)

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