Vanlife – Fears and life outside Portugal (W/VIDEO)

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I did another vídeo answering questions from the people that follow my vanlife adventure around Europe, and it has been over 8 month’s doing it. The first question has to do with adapting to life outside my own country Portugal.

It is my first trip outside Portugal, i am travelling alone and at this point I have already been through 27 different countries, I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, a bit of French and can understand Italian. Mostly because of that adapting to the different coutries was fairly easy in the beginning , one coin only and only familiar languages.

Living for over a week in the van was also something new to me, given this at the start of the trip it was a bit unconfortable antil I adapt and and organize my space in the van, from there onwards when I got to the countries with languages that where not familiar to me I was already adapted to vanlife, I think this is the most important thing because it doesn’t matter where I am, I always have a place to go at the and of the day, a place to call home. That is super useful to deal with possible problems while adapting to new destinations.

Another question is about fear, once again in the beginning I would wake up with any noice close to the van, but over time I got more relaxed about it and at the moment I don’t think I ever slept so good.

What really botters me is curiosity, people in digerent countries have diferent ways of dealing with anold campervan parked in their street, in the poorest countries people seem more curious and the looks are longer and more disturbing howerer in central Europe the looks seem a bit shy or even scared about my presence. I have spent most of my time in big cities with a lot of people around, it’s still a bit scary when someone decides to have sex with a prostitute hiding in the front of the van, when people lean on the van and stay there for hours talking during the night, when someone knocks to see if the van is made of metal (I don’t know, aparently it happens…), but in general I didn’t have any really dangerous situation. Just curious people I think.

Keep sending your questions and through the blog or the social networks, and I will contiue to try and respond in the most honest and sincere way as possible.

Stay with the video I did about this topic.


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