Torino, a little corner with a lot to see. (W/VIDEO)

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I went by Torino a bit by accident on my route by Italy’s northwestern area, it wasn’t one of the set destinations but it was kid of on my way up to Switzerland so there I decided to take a look. I spent a full weekend there, and quite frankly i may well return in some other opportunity it has a river all around it always with a cycle path or garden on both sides of the river, i loved running there.

About the inside of the city, the center really surprised me by the size, everything really ancient and historical, in every corner there was a museum, a big church or another huge square with a garden or monument to discover, don’t ask me for the names of the things because I didn’t do that kind of homework, but my verdict about the city is really positive, go there and loose yourselves in the city for two or three days, you won’t be disappointed. I leave you with the pictures and video i did around there, that i think speak for themselves



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