There is not much left, North of Spain (W/Video)

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On my way back to Portugal, I have chosen to do pretty much all of the north coast of Spain, I didn’t get the best days, with some rain and bad weather, but I managed to visit a zone of Spain new to me that surprised me in a positive manner with a lot of really beautiful places.

I started by Bilbau where I parked at the top of Mount Artxanda where I am sure you can have the best view over the city and was a fairly easy place to park my camper van. Going down to the city by funicular train or by foot we have the river with a great sidewalk and bike lane on both sides, the famous Guggenheim Museum and the San Mames football stadium on one end, and the main city center at the other end with some nice streets to discover and being a university area it has a really interesting life.

I moved on to Santander to get to know it’s amazing beaches and huge sea front, the famous Garden and Palace of Magdalena, the ferry terminal where I’ll probably enter on my way to the United Kingdom in future adventures, and of course an urban center with a great mix of modern and old that surprised me positively.

On my way to Portugal, Oviedo and Gijón followed, both cities are not very big but very interesting, and in my opinion they deserve a visit if you happen to be in the region, even if it is just to stop for a swim on the beautiful beaches of Gijón, this was how I ended the north coast of Spain on my way to the west coast witch would lead me to the Portuguese border after a couple more stops.

The first one was Coruña, a big city, where the main attractions are the “Tower of Hercules” a beautiful lighthouse from the Roman era, one of the oldest still operating if not the oldest. Following the coast to the city we can also find other signs of the Roman presence like a dolmen, the coastal area is really pleasant with great seaside paths, a castle also on the sea and in the historical center a lot of museums and old buildings make the trip well worth, it was maybe my favorite city from the ones I saw in the North of Spain.

To end, I made a brief passage by Santiago de Compostela, I didn’t know it but it did not impress me, but it is such a famous place that I had to go there and see it for myself, this Spain passage ended in Vigo, a beautiful port city with a lot of movement downtown and a fortress at the top witch I really loved.

From here there where 30km more till the border of Valença do Minho where i finally got back to Portugal, a story for my next article.

Stay with my video and pictures from around 3 weeks on this North Coast of Spain, hopefully you will like it, follow my channel for more videos in the future, I will also be very thankful if you give thumbs up and comments on my YouTube videos witch will help me to grow my channel and share my adventures with even more people.



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