The other Germany (W/VIDEO)

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I had already driven around the south o Germany a couple of months ago when I was in MUNICH for around one week, and at that time I had already been in love with this country. Event through there are some major differences between the south and the north of Germany, this is still one of my favorite countries during this trip.

From my point of view of a broke tourist living in a van, Germany is one of the best countries to do it on, for several reasons, diesel is slightly cheaper than the European average, the highways are enough and free and at least for the type of food I usually eat the prices are also bellow average.

Apart from all this I think that the people and the language are both very accessible, English is also widely spoken witch makes it easy to communicate and I feel really safe pretty much everywhere.

On this second passage by Germany as a link between the Czech Republic and the Netherlands I decided to stop in Dresden, Berlin and Hannover.

Starting by Dresden, it really surprised me with it’s river, the cathedral, the old bridge that connects the city center to the south part of town and it’s historical center pretty rich in old buildings and monuments to explore, overall I was very pleased with this city.

Next came Berlin, Germany’s capital city and probably the European capital of people who live the vanlife in campers or vans, it is a really fantastic and strange city, I have never seen so much cultural diversity in the same city, and I’m not talking about just cultures, races and countries, there are also all kinds of “Urban Tribes” walking around the city, I had no idea that there where still real life punks like the ones I saw in American movies from the 80’s and 90’s until I arrived in Berlim. The city is very green and with great conditions to ride around in a bike and a lot to see and explore.

I was also lucky enough to park 50 meter away from one of the vanlife people that really inspired me to walk into this crazy idea of living in a van, I am talking about Mike Hudson, author of the famous blog “”, and from the book “How to live in a van and travel”, book witch have gave me a signed copy and that I recommend to everybody who thinks or dreams abou living full time in a van, it was not a difficult task, reading this close to 300 pages and feel identified with almost everything after 7 months living in my van. And it’s a great guy to exchange ideas about this kind of life with someone who is living for 3 years now in a van and has been in almost all of Europe with a couple of months in Morroco.

To finalize I’ve spent a couple of nights in Hannover before heading to the Netherlands, it’s a pleasant city but I didn’t find many points of interest, however it looks like a really cool place to live.

Resuming, I didn’t stop in a lot of places in Germany, but I hope to be back soon, it’s an enormous country and I left a lot to explore, apart from that it is also one of the few countries where I can imagine myself living a “normal” life on the long term, let’s see what the future holds for me.

Stay with my traditional photos and video from this second passage by Germany, hope you enjoy it.



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