The Croatia that the Europe already knows. (W/VIDEO)

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I’ve spent about two weeks in Croatia during this trip, i didn’t think it was so calm and organized as Slovenia, but it was a country with a biggest exposure to the Balkans war in the 90’s, as such it is a country going trough a different path and war marks are still visible here and there. There are also some political issues due to the agreement made to end the war that in my opinion are not positive to anyone, just a bit of history so you know i’m not just driving around without learning anything.

I entered the country straight to Zagreb, the capital, a typical European capital, a lot of people, full of life and to much confusion for me, and not much out of the ordinary to see until i discovered lake Jarun, they basically did a detour from the river and created a huge garden around it (around 8km for a full tour around it) it has a rowing track in the center with around 2km straight line, a bunch of artificial beaches all around the central lake ( even including a nudism one), and has all kinds of sportive structures and fields, restaurants, bars, disco clubs and other support structures, a real oasis in the capital created from root, full of life, i loved it.

After that and as any good tourist i started heading down to the coast, stopped by the natural paradise of the Plitvice lakes, about witch i did a separate article, and got to the coast starting in Zadar going all the way until Makarska (unfortunately i didn’t go to Dubrovnik, because i have to cut back on kilometers a bit and it just was a bit of route), here is the big engine of the country, hundreds of islands and beaches, all kinds of tourist structures, and even the cities are pretty cool to visit, rich in monuments, fortress and other historical buildings to see, it is well worth going through the Croatian coast, for sure it would be a bit confusing and more expensive ( for us Portuguese, at the level of Algarve or maybe a bit less expensive), nature wise it is also amazing because behind the coast line you have huge mountains and in the front you always have islands, each one with it’s difference and specificity witch is something on my list for future trips.

About the social part of the country, salaries are relatively lower then in Portugal, but the prices are in average a bit lower on most things, every where it was easy for me to communicate in English, i never got an answer back in Croatian, met some nice people there, tourists and locals who helped me to get to know the country a bit deeper and better, overall it seems like a safe country and a nice people.

Resuming, don’t be shy, you can come if you don’t know it yet, you will love to bet here and meet this country. Stay with my typical video (you can also see the one just about the Plitvice Lakes) and pictures about this pleasant destination.



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