Switzerland, paradise between the mountains

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What is there to say about this country loaded with miths and pre conceived ideas?

There is a lot… about the touristic part and from a foreigner point of view, it is a beautiful country, with endless mountains, huge lakes, snow sports in the winter, hiking and epic bike rides in the summer, you just have to see my pictures and vídeo to see what heaven looks like for those who love nature.

Also in the touristic part, unless you are also from a rich country it is complicated to live there.
Even on vacations, prices are at the level of local living cost and hard for a Portuguese with a average salary, and for me in the campervan where my costs are basicly food and diesel, getting to a place where all parking places are either payed or limited in time or reserved litteraly everywhere, adding to that, expensive diesel and food, and driving in constant pressure with the obligation to follow all the rules all the time in all the roads is really scary for a foreigner expecially in the cities..

However people seem happy, so i guess ther is a ballance outhere somewhere after some time.

Resuming, gather some money, shape up and get lost in the mountains for an entire day, either on foot, skiing or on your bike, you will love it like i did.
It is complicated to stay for a long time for me because of my low budget, but i will do an article about that soon.

In the meentime have fun with my traditional vídeo and pictures from this destination.



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