South of France in a Camper van (W/Video)

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After finishing my first passage through France, by the south, coming from Andorra, and after some cloudy days, there where also some pretty good ones.

Positive points, the small villages on the interior, with the castles and all the historic patrimony, loved Carcassone and it’s “Cité” medieval, where i ended up staying for a couple of days. The national roads, apart from the lack of expressways. Are overall in good condition and i liked driving there. Montepellier was pretty nice apart from having to many people begging on the streets. I loved Canne, it’s not a big city but has a huge life, a great beach and it’s a mandatory visiting point. The cycling path’s and seaside boardwalks are overall long and pleasant either for training or just for walking, there are lot’s of gardens and green areas in urban zones really beautiful and well treated.

About the negative points, speed bumps, lots of them witch for someone that carries a full house in a van can be at the very least painful. The impossibility to park at the coast or near the beach, all possible parking is height limited to 1,90 or 2,00 meters making it impossible to park a camper or a higher van. Parking in the cities is also tricky given the interdiction to camper vans, or overnight parking in most places, over reacting in payed parking spaces even outside urban areas. Food, eating out or simply buying meat or fish is really above the price of Portugal, Spain or even Italy.

Overall it was a good experience, if all goes according to my plans i will return to France near the end of the year on my way back to Portugal this time on the north coast with a detour to try to visit Paris

Hope you like the vídeo and the pictures i took, even with cloudy days i tried my best to get some good shots.



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