Slovenia, a new Switzerland on it’s way? (W/Video)

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During about one week that i was in Slovenia there was one sentence that got stuck on my mind wile i was talking to a friend i met at Kocevje, it was something like this”Some people say we look like Switzerland but i don’t know why.”

I understood why as soon as i crossed the border, specially counting on the fact that i came from Italy where everything is kind of disorganized and strange even for me being a Portuguese, well let’s see.

Roads usually have a good quality, we have to drive with our lights on during the day, and the drivers overall follow the rules.

People seem really calm, much to the style of their neighbors from Austria, couples hold hand on the street, it’s not normal to hear people screaming or creating a bad environment on the street, there are garbage separation points everywhere witch people effectively use, lot’s of people on the street doing sports or socializing, there are almost more bicycle lanes then roads for the cars in the entire country, apparently almost everybody speaks or understands English witch comparing to Italy for example is a huge bonus for any tourist.

The population density is really low, even on the capital Ljubljana witch gives a small town feeling where you have everything you need and still live peacefully, with a lot of big gardens, lots of equipment and sports facilities in good condition, vandalism exists obviously but doesn’t seem to be the rule there.

The salaries are average, a bit above the Portuguese ones, but with a lower life cost, food, shelter and even fuel are pretty cheap, pretty much one average or a bit below that full time salary almost guarantees a decent living standard and even can allow one person to be able to live alone.

Leaving the social part and moving on to the coutry itself, it’s beautifull with a lot of green, a lot of mountains, nice snow in some points to ski, lakes, rivers and animal life, speaking of witch, aparently in the mountains around Kocevje there are some bear families living in freedom

Resuming it is for me one of the few coutries i could see myself living in, and if there is no political mess in the following years Slovenia has all the arguments to keep up to the train from the rich neighbours up north from Germany and Austria, and talking about travelling there are all the reasons to visit and explore this nice country witch has muh more to offer then simply skiing in Maribor, visiting the Bled lake and walking around Ljubljana, those points are importaant and worth visiting obviously, but there is much more, adventure yourselfs to explore deeply this nation that surprised me in such a postive way

Stay with a small vídeo i made, i didn’t stop in more places but you can heck out the vídeo i made just about the Kocevje MTB Trail Center so that you can understand what i mean when i talk about mountains and exploring nature.



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