Salzbourg – A small city that breaths Mozart (W/VIDEO)

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What to say about Salzbourg, first of all the city is not as big as i was expecting, but it is no less wort of a visit for that reason. The city doesn’t live exclusively of the story of its famous song writer, but still around the city you can smell the classical music on each corner always with some street artists here and there performing witch creates a really nice environment for a walk around the city.

It also has it’s famous castle with a beautifull garden and an amazing view of the city and the Alps.

There is also a river separating the old part of the city of the most recent. Within the city there are some huge cathedrals and all that you can find on a major city like stores from the top brands, restaurants and the immensely popular around this region “Beer Gardens”, overall there is a lot to see and explore, it’s a great destination for a weekend escape as a couple or something like that.



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