Romania and the contrasts (W/VIDEO).

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Recently I made a short passage by Romania, not for many days but I really enjoyed the country, it is amazing the contrast between big cities with a lot of life and activities, modern buildings and the typical fast pace of “civilized” world, monuments and buildings in specially the older ones are really beautiful, a pleasant surprise.

Then there is the country side, endless kilometers of agricultural fields with a small village appearing from time to time where the pace is totally different and where horse carts are still one of the most common forms of transportation, I would never imagine that in my generation I would have to share the road with so many animal traction vehicles other than bikes. It’s a funny sensation to feel like a modern “hippie” while driving my almost 30 year old van.

It is not unusual to see woman still using the traditional clothing from the country, and not just on the occasional folklore event, and this happens not only in the country but also in some cities, I also have never been to a country where Dacia is the best selling car brand they are really proud of this National brand, and a lot of classic models are still working all over the country.

About the places i stopped, i started by the biggest city of the Dark Sea coast, Constanta a sea side city with nice beaches and a lot of traffic, normal in august anywhere on the coast, it didn’t impress me much but marked my goodbye to the southern beaches during this trip. After this I went to the capital city Bucharest witch is a huge city with imponent communism era buildings a couple of gardens and events here and there it is worth stopping by but didn’t convince me much. Brasov followed, a historical city in the middle of the mountains of Transylvania, a beautiful area with a lot of green and also famous by the mountain villages who have a lot of snow tourism during the winter time and of course in the summer Dracula’s Castle in the village of Bram is the biggest attraction, witch I didn’t visit because due to the high flow of tourists I could very well not be able to enter in the first day so I decided not to go there. Finally I headed to Cluj with a short stop in Targu Mures, a small village with some beautiful buildings in the center, about Cluj I really became a fan, it’s a big city very cosmopolitan with a lower pace of life than Bucharest but I really think it to be really beautiful and it’s well worth to visit like you can see on my video about this country.

Resuming, as I said it’s a country of contrasts where I unfortunately left a lot to see and it’s one ot those I really hope to return in the future.

Stay with the video and some pictures of this beautiful nation.



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