Return to France, north coast and Paris ( W/VIDEO ).

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After Luxembourg, 27th and last new country of this trip it really was starting to smell like coming back home, heading back to France, witch is not one of my favorite countries but just like Spain I have to cross it returning to Portugal, as such this time I traveled by the north side of the country with a detour to the center in order to visit Paris, I have been in the capitals of all the countries I have visited, except Spain, and couldn’t leave Paris out of this trip.

I started by Reims, because it was the closest city on my way from Luxembourg and not a big detour while heading to Paris, it is the capital of champagne but I didn’t got to taste it, my budget is not for this type of tourism the city is not very big and honestly I was only there for an afternoon, it was a pleasant walk around the city anyway.

Then I moved on to Paris, I didn’t get into inventions with the van near the center and parked close to a subway station just outside the main city ring , 2€ each trip, was not the end of the world, even tho I rather walk than using public transportation, but there is a limit to what I can walk in a day, and things in a city like this are far enough from each other for me to achieve that limit without having to walk 6km from the van to the city center.

I’m not getting into details about the “City of Lights“, there are blogs far better for that, and no one goes to Paris and only spends 15 or 20 euros in 4 days there, I walked a lot and was close to the Louvre, walked around the Champs Elises, walked up to the Moulin Rouge, to the Sacre Coeur Basilica witch has the best view of the city if you are cheap bastards and don’t go up the Eiffel Tower where I also passed just after the Arc du Trioumphe, and still passed by the Notre Damme to look for the Disney’s hunchback, and as usual if there is a place loaded with “love locks” I’ll go there too, it really is more fun if you see it in the video, I promise.

I left Paris heading to the coast with a stopover in Tours, an important train terminal, with a really interesting old part of town to explore, it was goo enough to stay for a couple of days and walk for a bit, Paris is pretty strong paced for someone who is not very into big piles of people in one place and I needed to relax a bit.

Then I finally got to the coast, people who live in vans usually like to be close to the beach, that is a fact, or in the mountains if they have a cannabis plantation somewhere (I don’t want to offend anyone but there was not one border where I was stopped and the word cannabis didn’t came into the conversation), on the coast I stopped in La Rochele and Royan, I was right at the beach and honestly I didn’t explore much of both cities, but it is a really nice area for a couple of days with a camper van, even tho it is really hard to park in all of the french coast, outside the high season things are a bit less complicated.

I moved on to Bordeaux, witch really surprised me, there is not really a lot to see, however it is the capital of wine, and there is a Portuguese tavern somewhere in the center. But its really pleasant, there are some places close to the museum “Cité du vin” where they allow for campers to park and the city has great movement on the river front from that museum till the city center witch is also very cool to walk around.

For an ending I made one last top before the Spanish border in Bayona, a small historical city, really nice to explore if you are in the region.

And this is what I did in two weeks in France, you didn’t learn much about the country on this article but I bet it was fun enough, stay with the video and photos I have from this couple of weeks.



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