Questions people do to me – loneliness while living and traveling in a van (W/VIDEO)

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Once again I did a small video answering questions people send me about this trip and about the kind of life I am living at the moment.
The question I am answering today has to do with the way I deal with loneliness,
I’ve left Portugal 7 months ago already and I live in the van doing my vanlife around Europe somewhere and in fact it is not being as hard as people could imagine.

To start, just a bit of my story, before I was on this trip, I already lived alone in my apartment for around 8 years, and I was never one to go out a lot ans specially in the last couple of years preparing this trip with a lot of overtime at work, plus the van preparation and everything else I ended up spending even more time alone resting, so this is not new to me.

With this in mind I started my trip without caring about that, I’ve met a lot of people along the way and some of them amazing, everyday I learn something new, I’ve been in places I never even imagined to exist and all of that makes me happy, I think that is the key factor in all of this and makes me not care about everything else. Then there is this blog and all the videos I do about the trip and the vanlife witch keeps my head busy and makes me forget about all the loneliness.

Of course there are some boring rainy days or days I’m not so busy, but I just leave the van and go somewhere with a lot of people and try to meet local people forgetting everything else.

People ask me a lot also why I decided to travel alone instead of trying to bring someone with me. A van is such a small space for two persons and what could be a dreamy and interesting trip can quickly become a living hell, there is no contingency plan, there isn’t a couch to go sleep on or a place to run away to , and quite honestly I find it easier to meet new people like this because I somehow feel more motivated to do it, and with internet nowadays and all the apps available it is not hard to meet people, and it’s always a great experience to meet other non vanlife travelers or local people to share experiences and knowledge.

Stay with the short video I did about this topic, hope you enjoy it.


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