Oh Serbia, Serbia … (W/Video)

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What to say about this country with complexes of greatness, witch had the dream to rule the Balkans in the 90’s and ended up being one of the poorest in the region.

Well, let’s start by the beginning, I got to the border and as usual I was “selected” for a deeper inspection of my documents and the van all pretty normal so far, I have everything up to date and even did a temporary insurance for Bosnia witch wasn’t covered by my company in Portugal. Long story short, no one was speaking English at that border, now lets explain to the guard that the date on my documents he is picking on is the emission date and not the expiration one, at some point they started to get tired and sent me on my way, and I moved on with my life to Novi Sad.

Roads, oh mommy… there is only one highway witch I used by mistake and its ok, national roads are super fun if you enjoy rally ad close calls with trees or cars in the opposite lane, I loved the adrenaline rush and body pain from driving there.

Novi Sad, a beautiful city on the side of the Danube river, with all the conditions, including a beach, a lot to discover and a calm small city feeling, I really liked it, too bad my budget is to low to be in the Exit Festival, the city’s biggest summer attraction.

After some more kilometers driving in goat’s trails I got to the capital, Belgrade a typical capital city with a lot of movement but except for the rivers Danube and Sava who get together there and a really awesome fortress where we can watch that junction I didn’t see anything else out of the ordinary.

200km more of fun driving with almost everything in an alphabet really similar to the Russian and with not many people understanding English, I got to the Bulgaria border for 3 hours of waiting in line while charging my backup battery with the solar panel and sweating like a lobster in the van until I finally reentered the European Union and Schengen space.

Resuming, it’s a nice country and it felt safe to me, if you decide to go there you should visit Novi Sad and Belgrade witch are nice places to visit, but if you are driving, fuel is expensive compared to Bosnia and Bulgaria at least, and unless you have a All terrain vehicle or only use the highway, you should go around his destination.



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