Netherlands, a different corner of Europe (W/VIDEO).

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The Netherlands obviously couldn’t stay out of the route for this 10 month vanlife trip discovering Europe, and even with me being prepared for a positive experience there, was better than expected and still surprised my a lot. On this article I will tell you a bit more about my first experience in “The Kingdom of Low Lands”

I left Germany heading to Amsterdam, the famous Sin City where I was for a couple of days, I found a perfect quiet parking space for my van just 15 minutes from the free ferry to the city center, I have explored the Red Light District where I saw all the girls on the red windows, the cannabis and the beautiful buildings on this famous historical zone, I got lost around the city and even with the weather not deing tourism friendly this was still one of my favorite cities in the roadtrip, and no it wasn’t because of the cannabis or the girls, its everything. The environment, the people, the freedom, the fun and ok I admit it is quite cool to look at half naked girls in windows.

After that I moved on to Utrecht a city not very big close to Amsterdam, but really peaceful and worthy of a nice walk around the city if you happen to stop by, a lot of green, lot’s of gardens including some secret ones, and at this time of the year with the colors of fall on the trees it adds up even more magic to it.

The trip continued to Rotterdam, a modern city, with awesome buildings, I am not basing this on facts but for what I have seen it should be one of the architecture capitals given the quantity of different buildings you have to explore there, I became a fan of it, on the video I did to complement this article you can get a better idea of what I am talking about because I really can’t put it to words.

Leaving Rotterdam and following the Atlantic coast I did a small one day stop in Middleburg, one more small city with a beautiful marina and a really good looking old and full of life city center, witch I really enjoyed.

I ended the trip around this country in Sas Van Gent, a really small village just on the border with the Belgium border and with a free camper van park by the river, a perfect place to relax before moving on to the next country.

About the country in itself, as you know I love bicycles and I am not the best climber, so this is the perfect country for me, kilometers and kilometers without a single climb and some milions of other cyclists to keep me company in every ride, cycle paths in every road, priority over cars in certain crossings, it is a true luxury to any bicycles enthusiast.

The people I have met where all amazing and it was the country where so far I had less problems communicating in English, the life pace looks very calm and laid back, everything is well organized and civilized, a level of life far superior to the other countries I have been through witch you can tell just by looking around to the people and the environment that surrounds you.

I could not end this article without mentioning the green, the flowers, the gardens, the water and all the nature composing the Dutch landscape.

There where some prohibitions to campers in the coastal area, but apart from that, the highway is free, the roads are of great quality, the drivers are in general good and peaceful, I didn’t have much difficulties parking anywhere, including Amsterdam.

Stay with my already traditional video and pictures about this fantastic nation where I will certainly go back at some point in the future.



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