Munich – Dirndl, Leaterhosen, Bayern Munich and Oktoberfest (W/VIDEO)

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Four things in this title that everybody knows about this city, the first two are the typical local outfits female and male respectively that come out to the street every time the destination is drinking liter mugs of beer, the two other things are the most famous football club in Germany and the other one witch is probably the biggest and most famous beer party in the world.

Unfortunately I didn’t stop by the city in the end of September and October for the famous Oktoberfest, and I left with the idea that if I did I probably wouldn’t go back to Portugal, I caught the Frülingsfest some kind of sprig welcoming beer party, however during the year they can easily find an excuse to drink thousands of liters of beer. I will stop talking about beer now, but pn the video you can check out the high level of partying that goes on there.

Bayern München, I guess there is nothing to say about the worldly know local football club, i’ll just stay that the stadium with the exterior lights on during the games is an amazing thing.

About the city itself, it is a big city with looks of a capital, really green, huge gardens like rhe Englisher Garden where you can just loose yourself inside, and even do a bit of surfing (see video), I also stopped by the Olympiapark, home to the city’s Olympic games in the 70’s, witch is still in great condition, full of life and activities to do, I also loved spending some time there and recommend everybody to stop by there. Then there is the city center with it’s brand stores, monuments and historic buildings like in any big city it has his story.

I also dropped by the BMW Welt main home to the car builder, witch has a museum ans a leisure area where any one can check out the latest models from the brand and get to know a bit more about the BMW World.

And this was my experience in this new city, hope you like this article, the pictures and the video, and that you keep following and supporting me on this trip that is giving me a huge amount of fun to share with everybody.



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