Monaco, Euros and good life (W/Video)

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Monaco, is a small principate (outside EU, watch out for roaming) in France end 20 km from the France/Italy border is the size of a small village and you can easily cross it in one hour walking without going too fast is one of the old continent’s biggest fiscal paradises and home and corporate address of the really rich, walking in the main avenue is like being in a car show, a non stopping parade of super cars and top of the range models of the biggest builders and luxury classics. Most of them with local license plates because this range of cars counting on the average prices all trough Europe have a really attractive price tag in Monaco, but it isn’t only the roads that impress, the marinas are also an amazing sight.

About the country itself, the high area of Monaco-Ville with the princes Palace, it’s gardens and narrow commerce streets is really pleasant. Getting down to the main sea side avenue we are welcomed by paddock of the Formula 1 Grand Prix right in front of the most well frequented marina I have ever seen, moving on we have the car stores where you can see the price of the real super cars witch are really impressive, the Japanese garden free to visit and in the main avenue really surprised me, I have never been to Asia before, and I got a little taste of Japan there. Then you have the beach area always with lots of hotels until you realize you already left Monaco and are back in France, getting back by the upper side of the avenue the world famous Monte Carlo Casino is a mandatory stopping point, and with a parking lot capable of giving the chills to any car fan, unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph the inside but it is worth the visit.

And this is it, apart fro the rain I ended up spending a good day here, this is the report of a poor tourist happy to leave the casino with an extra 10€ 😛



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