Living without a bathroom is it possible? (W/VIDEO)

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Who has already seen the video of the tour of my van, already knows I don’t have a bathroom or anything similar and that is exactly the number one question people make me. Today I will talk a bit about this topic and how I organize myself in terms of personal hygiene and my basic needs, at this point I have 5 months living full time on my van and have developed some techniques.

The first point I’ll talk about is hygiene, I have a sink, so washing my hands, my teeth, head, dishes and even some clothes, is that enough to satisfy your curiosity?
Of course not, the lack of a proper daily bath usually disturbs people a bit, the options people usually suggest are often paid (Turkish baths, gym, campings, etc..) , something that I can’t do because of my low budget.

I have found a lot of solutions for that along the way, in the summer if I’m close to the beach there is usually a shower somewhere witch solves my problem, to bad those don’t exist everywhere, one other thing I have done is not to be ashamed to ask people I’ve met along the way to use their bathrooms (that includes sneaking in to hotels sometimes), of course I also don’t meet new people everywhere or everyday. Taking to account that I spend most of my trip in the city, taking a bath outside my van is not usually an option I ended up getting used to sponge baths inside the van, all you need is a towel on the floor, a container with water and a sponge. The last solution, usually for lazy winter days is baby wipes, it’s not the perfect way to do it but it freshens you off a bit.

About the washing and cleaning topic I think it’s done, now for the sensitive subject, physiological needs, they are only two and for a man are both usually easy to handle, peeing is the easiest one and one bottle (in my case with a generous opening) behind the driver seat is more than enough and one liter is easy to get rid of somewhere, about solids I usually take care of them during the day at a mall (toilet and WiFi is the best thing ever) or any other public facility, making a contribution for soil fertilization in contact with nature is also an option, my last resource is my trusty potty witch I cover with a bag (in Europe, the ones for fruits used at Lidl are perfect) because it’s not easy or practical to wash and clean the potty and this way is really easy to handle the problem.

As you can see, not having a bathroom is nt the end of the world, you just need a bit of creativity.


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