Italy, Vatican and San Marino – It’s good, but could be better (W/VIDEO).

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After a bit over a month driving around Italy, i kinda understand a bit of how things work around there.
For people who drive, in Italy there are some different rules to take note. A double line, continuous line or a striped separator marked on the road means it’s a free area to make a pass, maximum speed limits are only applied when there is a radar well identified in advance, if you stop at a zebra for people to cross, other drivers will not enjoy it and will let you know that.
If you are walking and want to cross a zebra with no crossing lights, the only way is to just cross and pray for drivers to stop.
Listen to the radio in Italy is the best way to learn the language, at every ten minutes of talking you may have the chance to listen to one song.

There are a lot of gardens, and some really beautiful, but they could learn a lot from their neighbors from France about the maintenance of gardens, most of them could look a lot better.
After almost one and a half month I still have no idea how many kinds of police there is, and what are the functions of each one, but there are a lot of them, not counting o the local police of each city and the Army that is present and well noticed in all the touristic hotspots.

Speaking of touristic hotspots, junk sellers from Africa and India are everywhere and are annoying as hell, to make thing better street artists are usually pretty good, there are also a lot of homeless people and begging specially around the Vatican City.

For people who enjoy cheap food you can have a Marguerita pizza (bread, cheese and tomato) at a typical kebab place with a can drink, for 5 or 6 Euros.

Parking a camper van near a beach is a task almost as hard as in the south of France, but it is possible at some points, beware of all the parking signs before parking for the night.

Football nutcases are the same or worse as the Portuguese ones, filling up the coffee shops with the usual wars and rivalry.
Bear in Italy is mostly German, witch is good, paying the same price for a tap beer as in Germany is not so great, specially when you almost pay the same for the beer as for the main dish in a meal.
I swear this is the last negative point, almost no one speaks a second language besides the foreign people or emigrants even in tourist places can be hard to speak to someone at a shop or even the police in English, strangely even with young people it’s complicated, and in my case I actually understand Italian
even not being able to speak it, I can’t imagine how it would be for someone who can’t understand it. At this times, the annoying Indian and African sellers come in handy, speak to them instead.

OK, enough complaining, not all is bad in Italy, all the buildings, ruins and even cemetery’s (this people spend a lot of money with dead people, on the video you can see the Monumentale cemetery in Milan just to have an idea) are real works of art and worth visiting: There is a lot of life in cities along the year and any little place has free Wi-Fi in the center.

I Know there are also some really cool events everywhere during the summer months.

People really live and enjoy cycling, the Giro D’Italia is a real sports highlight of the year and people come to the street to support the heroes.
Speaking of cycling, old railroads near the coast or in the middle of the country are always used as cycle path’s, most with a couple dozens of kilometers with nice pavement, signs and some support structures . At Lago di Garda I did one of the best mountain bike rides of my life starting from the top of the Monte Tremalzo at 1800m above sea and ending at the lake at sea level, it is a beautiful area and for people who like biking vacations it’s a place worth visiting.

The real food, outside the tourist centers is amazing, cheese and curated meat, homemade pasta and wood oven pizzas are a treat. Quite frankly even take away food from the supermarket looks delicious in Italy

The article is running long, and most of you won’t read it till the end, i will end it by telling you to not care about the negative stuff i said and still visit this beautiful and diverse country, it’s a mandatory stopping point for any real tourist. Come to Italy



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