Gent, Brussels and Luxembourg City (W/VIDEO).

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After leaving the Netherlands and on my way to France I did a couple of stops in Belgium and another one in Luxembourg City.

Crossing the Dutch border my first stop was in Gent, one of the main cities in Belgium, where I managed to stay in a bus park where they allow campervans fairly close to the city center. In this city where the main language is still Dutch as main language and has some really nice places to discover, there are still a lot of channels marking the landscapes and cities like in most of this region, a cool castle right I the city center and not in a high hill like usual, a beautiful cathedral and overall a really cool historical center with nice things to explore I really recommend everybody to stop by if you are in this region.

My trip moved on to the capital city, Brussels, land of sprouts, Belgium chocolate and home to the European Union, here I was fortunate enough to find parking right behind the Cinquentenaire monument, thank you Park4Night. Here French is already the main language witch really reminded me that I’m heading back to Portugal and that I will have to put this amazing full time traveler life on hold for a while. Back to the city, Brussels is a capital and as such is marked by movement, intense life, tourists, pretty much all normal so far. There is the center with an amazing main square with golden being the main color there, there is the statue of the little boy peeing witch is very small but somehow interesting how it captures so much attention. There is also the European institutions area with amazing, modern buildings and a lot of people with suits rushing everywhere, but what most impressed me for being something really different and special was the Attomium, a monument / museum impressive by it’s dimensions and the building itself.

This was my short passage through Belgium, then I moved on to the last new country of this trip witch closes the list of 27 countries I have visited this year, I’m talking about Luxembourg. I only stopped at the only city and capital with the same name as the country, however I drove quite a bit around the country and I must say it is bigger than I imagined and with some really interesting small villages with a beautiful and very green mountain landscape. Back to the city, it is a big economical center with a lot of people and big buildings witch are headquarters to a lot of big corporations mostly in the financial sector, however the tourist part of it is not so big with not much to see, the old part of town is not very big but in general is a nice place for a walk with really nice green areas to relax. It was surprising to see that even with the really high salaries in this nation I didn’t see much sign of wealth, the city didn’t seem better organized or taken care of more than any other city in France as an example, this comparing to Switzerland witch is a country with equivalent salaries but shows much more signs of a better life quality, at least this was the picture I personally got from Luxembourg.

And this is it, one more small report about two more very interesting countries that where a part of my 10 month vanlife trip around Europe. Stay with the pictures and video I did about this really nice places, hope you like them and continue to follow my adventures.



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