Center of Portugal, the end of my adventure (W/VIDEO)

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fter leaving Passadiços do Paiva and entering the last days of my return trip to Pinhal Novo, where it all started 10 months before, the nostalgia was already taking over me, my sports cam had already died a couple of days before, the phone that could take care of that subject had also died a couple months ago, by this time I only had one camera left to show you the remaining of my 10 month trip around Europe that felt like it passed way too fast.

And with my last camera there I wend down the country making my first stop in Vouzela, a zone I still didn’t know very well, and that left me a bit sensitive due to the damage caused by the huge fires during the summer, even after some months after the tragedy the scenario still looked like apocalyptic and really scary, hope the region manages to rise above it all and manages to get back at its natural beauty of previous times.

The trip continued to Viseu, known as the city in Portugal with the best life quality, and I managed to feel a bit of that quality, it has a really nice campervan parking lot for free and close to the center where I stayed, the city itself where the Christmas spirit was already present did not disappoint me as you will be able to see on my video at the end of this article.

The next stop was in Coimbra, to may the capital of the center, and definitely the biggest city in the region and famous city of the students, also there I was parked in the campervan parking lot by the side of the river Mondego witch was almost full, like a van village. The city itself has history, life, people and it is clearly one of the trendy places to visit in Portugal, everyone should stop by to know it.

By this time it already smelled a bit like home and the next stopping point was Tomar, city of the Templars, with it’s castle and famous Convent of Christ, which looks like it came out of a Game of Thrones episode. The river Nabão witch goes all the way across the city is also a big part of the landscape, and I stayed at the municipal caravan parking, an old camping ground that closed and now the city allows free parking for campervans, it is a beautiful place to park if you happen to be in he region.

At this point my last camera also died and without her I went to the Aldeia do Mato, a small village by the Castelo do Bode dam and close to Abrantes which has a beautiful river beach where a gathering from the Facebook group “Vanselvagens” took place, this group is dedicated to people who enjoy the freedom to travel in a van turned home. It was an awesome weekend with a great spirit and the footage I have was already with a loaned camera.

From here I headed home exactly 10 months, 22 000 km and 27 countries after I left.

Stay with the possible images from this last weeks of adventure. Other adventures and projects await witch I will reveal here, thank you all the one who followed this one and hope you keep following my traces of craziness.



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