Capitals route – Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna and Prague (W/Video)

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Usually I do my travel reports in a one country per article format, but during 10 days after leaving Romania is passed by 4 countries only stopping at the Capitals, the countries where Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Czech Republic respectively. As such I decided to do a joint article and respective video dedicating a couple of Paragraphs to each one of the cities.

Starting of by Budapest Hungary’s capital city, this one is not a proper paradise to be discovered and for a long time it is a mandatory stop when traveling in Europe and I finally saw why all that fuss with my own eyes. The city is split in Half by the Danube river but united by several bridges, in the old days it used to be two distinct cities, Buda and Pest but currently is just one huge city.

Buda is historically the rich area, with huge mansions, the citadela and the big castle at the top, this last two have the best view to the city, the lower area close to the river is populated by huge antique buildings, a couple of buildings and a beautiful promenade.

Pest on the other side was the poor area and maybe it still is, but it’s also the area that has the most life, with the monstrous parliament building being it’s most luxurious asset, also on the side there is a beautiful mosque not far from the ferry’s wheel “Budapest Eye” also there are some bars and alternative spots that will certainly please the younger people. I was also lucky enough to be in the city during an important national holiday celebrated by an amazing firework of almost half an hour in the middle of the river. Another cool thing is that the prices of things are a bit below the other major European capitals.

Following the same river I moved to Bratislava the capital of Slovenia where I was for two days, it’s not a big city and apart from it’s beautiful castle and the old part of town there is not much to see, anyway it is still a really nice place and well worth to visit, maybe the problem was the brutal competition from the other cities in this article.

Still following the Danube I did around 90km and moved my van to Viena in Austria, one more colossal city where everything is big and the major buildings are not that close to each other, that game the right to some nice leg pain during the days I was there, it’s the most expensive city on this article and the only one in the Euro zone at the moment. Museums, gardens, night life and of course the famous operas and theaters make this city a cultural hotspot that you have to visit: There was good weather a lot of life everywhere, gardens full of people, bikes, street artists. All the ingredients for some nice couple of days.

To end it I run away from the Danube and headed to Prague in Czech Republic where I’ve spent my birthday, hell to park there and stayed around 5km from the center, but that is part of the game, another unique city where everything is enormous, once again there is an awesome castle where you have the most amazing view of the city, the main bridge that connects the two sides of the river is the Karlov bridge a mandatory visit a truly amazing work of art as you will see on my video, coming out of this bridge if you just visited the castle, you will enter the old city center a lot of streets, some very narrow with amazing details to explore here and there over time.

And this was it, a couple of days more on my adventure, let’s see what awaits in Germany next, stay with the video and some pictures from this days I described.



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