A visit to Gibraltar in 5 Hours with one Euro

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I enjoyed so much that i decided to do a whole article just about Gibraltar, i won’t use historic references, because i don’t know them, neither i am that kind of tourist, but i will focus on my personal experience and in what i have felt during the visit.
The experience of a poor tourist ad how i saw an entire country with 1€.

I left my campervan in La Linea, city that “houses” this small country run by the British Crown. And i went on foot across the border between Spain and Gibraltar, all normal like in any country, i showed my id and followed my life.

The entrance is made literally across the middle of the local airport landing strip. It’s funny walking around in an airport lane, after goig across the landing strip we enter pretty much in the center of the city, we have our typical English hone booths, fuel, tobacco and drinks at a super low price due to this country’s VAT exemption, ad we really feel lyke we are in England, kits walking around in their school uniforms filling up on deep fried food and sugared drinks, restaurants and pubs with the local food, lots of English conversations, and lots of Spanish people to work and keep the country running.

About attractions other then what i refereed to earlier, there is also gambling, lot’s of casinos and betting houses have here their base of operations due to tax benefits, the marina soon after the border is really beautiful and has a lot of luxury hotels and restaurants.

I also really enjoyed the botanical garden, it’s a really pleasant place, near the center, just next to the uplift, free of charge, and with lots of species of trees and flowers and on course (for the ones that didn’t want to pay 17 pounds for the uplift to the top of the rock) to Upper Rock Natural Reserve, main atraction of the country.

Following my journey on foot up to the entrance of the nature reserve, on the extreme south of the city, where i actually spent 1€, witch gives you the right to visit the entire park on foot, right across the entrance there is a place with an amazing view to the North of Africa, natural, given that this is the point further to the south in Europe.

Inside the park the way is till upwards, i believe that from the center of the city to the top of the rock it goes for 0 to around 600 meters above sea level. I recommend following the path through the Windsor Bridge, a suspended bridge that may cause some vertigo, some people rather going around it, and a couple hundred meters next you go to the área where most of the monkeys spend their time, being this furry “Barbary Macaques” the living symbol of the country ad the park’s greatest atraction, they live freely in the park and apart from being wild animals it’s natural that the interact with the visitors (beware of you backpacks and purses).

Getting back on the path, soon after the bridge there is a beautiful 500 meter stair case that leads to the top where the uplift stops, this stairs are a must for lifting your butt and doing some cardio, featuring super leaned and tall steps, and wide enough for one person, i recommend that you don’t look up or down , but it’s a great experience for the rough ones. Reaching to the top, i went down by the road until the city center (4kms +/-).

The city center is made of a market street, closed to the traffic and with all sorts of stores, ancient buildings, history and monuments on each corner great for the ones who want to know a bit more about this little corner of Europe

It’s well worth visiting Gibraltar, i hope you enjoy it too.

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