A Fall day at “Passadiços do Paiva” in Portugal (W/VIDEO)

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After some vacations from my vacations and having returned to “normal” life and work after 10 months traveling around Europe in my van, I will get back to my blog and videos to finish up what was left from my trip and start working on my next adventures and projects.

On the last days of my trip at the end of November and after leaving Porto I jumped by the “Passadiços do Paiva” close to Arouca, I did the reservation online on the previous day at, paid only 1EUR for the ticket and parked my van on the parking close to the entrance in “Espiunca” to spend a cold but very quiet night.

On the next day I woke up, ate my breakfast and entered the park, the park is made of at the moment just one mountain path with around 8500 meters, you don’t need to be an athlete to do it however it is advised to have some preparation, there are some climbs, and in my case I did the trail till the end and back it could be a challenge to some people, you can also take a taxi to the beginning of course the cheapskate here did everything walking.

About the path it’s always along the “Rio Paiva” in a nice vale surrounded by mountains, a lot of green, a lot of nature, the paths are super sturdy and well built just in case someone is afraid of that, we walk by waterfalls, a suspended bridge witch you can go around and it ends with a huge set of stairs till the top of the mountain with a breath taking view.

I was impressed by the amount of people there on a fall weekday, even at this time of the year the views are impressive and I recommend you to visit at any time of the year, what are you waiting for to book a trip?

Stay with the video I did about this day and some pictures, even with the fog in some places I think you can have an idea of how cool this place is.



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