9 Reasons why you should visit Bosnia and Herzegovina (W/VIDEO)

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small Balkan country and one of the most affected by the war resulting from the dissolution of former Yugoslavia in the 90’s, overall it’s a poor country and there are a lot of signs from the war still not repaired. I’ll use this article to enunciate some reasons why everybody should stop by this beautiful country that maybe because it’s not a member of the European Union or Schengen space is usually left out of the tourist routes.

  1. For starters the national currency the Bosnian Mark has a really easy to remember value 2 Marks = 1€, it saves up a lot of headaches, euro is often accepted around touristic areas.

  2. Apart from some signs of the 90’s war and the fact that it is a really poor country, the main structures are either rebuild or build from scratch recently in modern buildings, it’s a pleasant contrast between modern and old.

  3. Officially it is not a Muslim country, but has a big percentage of it’s population, possibly the majority from this religion, and in this times we live in of religious and cultural tension it’s really nice to be in a place where in the same neighborhood you can find a Mosque, a Catholic Church, an Orthodox Church and a Synagogue and see everybody living in harmony in the middle of such diversity.

  4. The majority of things are really cheap for most tourists, fuel, accommodation and food are really bellow the European average.

  5. Overall from my personal experience people seem really modest, welcoming and nice. English is widely spoken.

  6. It’s a country filled with mountains, paradise for nature lovers with a lot of vegetation and fauna, where you can find several waterfalls and rivers with fresh transparent water.

  7. Traditional food and pretty much all food there is delicious and it is a country that due to it’s cultural diversity is also famous for the quality of the food.

  8. Apart from all the signs of it’s poverty the country is overall safe and there are no reports of major incidents involving tourists.

  9. You can go to Mostar and see guys in Speedo’s jump off the oldest (it was rebuilt recently with the original materials and techniques after being destroyed during the war) bridge in Europe 26 meters high until the water (5 meters deep).

I have just written 9 reasons why you should visit this fantastic nation, and I’m sure that if you do it you will find much more reasons to go there.

If you are still not persuaded to go there, you can see my usual video and pictures to have better an idea of what I am talking about.



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