3 weeks by the south of Spain

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First Country of the  trip, for three weeks i went trough most of the Spanish south coast, from Huelva to Barcelona, i wont talk about tapas, paella, bullfighting or any other one of those things everybody knows, i will talk about my experience as a tourist on a tight budget and with a lot of free time

I made some longer stops in some places. Cadiz for the Carnaval, witch apparently is one of the best ones in the region, on the Saturday night everybody gathers around the central square of the city with disguises, partying (and drinking a lot, it wasn’t my fault, i was caught in the middle of this vibrating Carnaval energy), apart from that, the city has a lot of touristic interest  e lot’s of things to do and see, and it’s not difficult to stay on the campervan. On my way out i stopped by the Playa de Bolonia, a paradise lost between hills, amazing for caravans.

After that i went to Gibraltar (about witch i already made a specific article ).

Arriving to the coast itself, i made a stop in Benalmadéna for some pictures, this is one of the summer and spring break favorites.

Because the weather was great i went to the interior to Granada with the intention of visiting the Sierra Nevada, where i have spent three days, the first one a summer day, the other two of cold and strong snow, of witch i survived even with a completely frozen van, the Volkswagen LT is revealing itself to be a fighter and has been up to the challenge of life above 2000meters altitude.

After the snow i got back to the beach, Benidorm was the destiny chosen, summer days yet again, the main street full of life and fun… well… fun, the life of the British senior citizens that take over the city and the cafes during the winter months is a bit relative, and for someone younger all that environment becomes a bit awkward after a while.

Getting out of the mess, i stopped by in Calpe for a peaceful day, and working out a bit, leaving to Valencia afterwards for a couple of more animated days, Valencia has a good University life, and a beach near all the universities where i ended up staying a couple of days, no need to say that hot days and a beach full of university girls where enough to keep me there.

To finish up, i drove to the capital of Catalunya, Barcelona, where after a long struggle i managed to get settled and park my van, it really isn’t a city made for poor campers, all the parking lots are either payed for or reserved to this or that , but i managed to do the city route for some days, i loved the Museum of National History of Catalunya (free), with some artwork with around 1000 years, and some more recent work, from artists like Pablo Picasso, Miró or Güel, but enough with the fancy tourism, visit the museum that it’s well worthy of your time. I followed the route through Plaza de Catalunya, Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou and the beaches that being inside the city are pretty good actually , i ended up being lost in the city for almost five days leaving afterwards to Andorra, a new and awesome country about witch i will wright soon.

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