10 months living in a van, details myths, expenses and excuses.

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My 2017 trip has ended quite a few months ago and I wasn’t even going to do this article, however after a few requests from followers witch I really appreciate the article will be a reality. On this article I will talk about the total costs of the trip, some other numbers and share some things this adventure has given me.

I will start by resuming the trip, I started from my hometown of Pinhal Novo on the 16th of February 2017, and got back to the same place on December 16th, I will post the route of the entire trip at the end of this article, here are some numbers.

– 21150 Km done

– 27 countries visited

– 300 days traveling

Regarding costs they were the following:

2784€ in Diesel for the van and LPG/GPL for cooking and heating

1495€ on food, I cooked a lot in the van but ended up eating out a lot of times, here everything is included, coffee, ice cream, drinks, etc..

1544€ in extras, includes everything else ( Fines, van malfunctions, event and activity tickets, accidents, got a new phone, extra insurances, tolls, border taxes, etc…).

5823€ Total cost

Table with daily and monthly averages.

Taking all this into account I have spent a reasonable amount, however no more than I would spend in rent and general expenses to a house for the same period of time, a lot of people use the excuse of the money not to do a big trip, and this is one of the most common excuses, this numbers prove that it´s all about priorities, I have spent in average less than the minimum salary in Portugal at the moment, and quite frankly I could have spent less, but sometimes you have to live a bit and go out for dinner or a night out.

Another one of the traveling myths and a commonly used excuse is safety, Europe is probably the safest continent in the world, we need to take some caution obviously, but we also do it on our day to day life, people are not all like the news lead us to believe. There is also the same idea about woman traveling alone, it’s probably a bit more dangerous and takes a bit more caution but chatting with some long term traveling girls I realized that specially in Europe it’s not dangerous at all.

I would also like to leave a message to other people with dreams and ideas of this kind or whatever, honestly just GO, start preparing your stuff from today, sell all your junk, get as much money as you can, if you don’t get an unpaid permit from your company, you can quit your jobs, it’s not the end of the world, people switch jobs, it’s a part of life. If you think doing it is as crazy as most people will tell you it is, it’ not, it’s a lie, they never did it, they have no idea. In reality when you return (if you want to return) everything will be the same, the only change will be in yourselves, your life experience, the way you face the world and your presence in it. The money you spend is recovered, the time of your life you didn’t use it’s gone forever

I would like to thank everyone who followed me along my trip witch I hope was the first of many, now I will stop traveling for a while and focus on other related projects that I will share here at the right time.

Until then, travel safe and follow your dreams.

Stay with the video related to this article and the trip map.



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